Rabbit and Hare Factfile

10 things you didn't know about Rabbits and Hares.

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Issue number 22
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  1. A jugged hare is all very well, but it's difficult to feed one carrots.

  2. Never try to drink the hare of the dog, as they are electrically propelled and you could receive a shock.

  3. Welsh rabbits do not melt under the grill.

  4. The Easter Bunny doesn't actually lay eggs.

  5. Hares are naturally hare-brained.

  6. To rabbit, meaning to talk insessantly, derives from the exagerated mouth movements used eating stringy cheese.

  7. 17.71% of middle-aged men have no hares on their head.

  8. A rabbit punch is not alcoholic, but can still cause you to lose consciousness.

  9. Breeding like rabbits would involve living in a hole in the ground.

  10. A hare is a mollusc.
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