Random Poetry Challenge

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As previously announced on the mailing list;
Welcome to the first Surrealist Worker Random Poetry Challenge.
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The idea of this challenge is to produce poetry without all that tedious need for talent. Rather than having to struggle to convert your ideas into a poetic form, bring a chance element into it, to be guided by your subconscious. You can do this any way you see fit. The following poem was generated by selecting a book at random, opening it, and picking a random word. Each line was made up by random words from a single book, the book was changed for each line.

Sombre Sped Doorway

Clamouring General, getting reflection,
"OK?" arrived Dougal.
Pets had told her "know months",
Engaged went that party.

Smut-nosed whatever fast, different Richard,
Birthday in each, some good.
Our lot of cried upon,
As he has seemed.

Odd Gonk Shine

Create a full poem of your own, start a new one, or add to an existing one. If anyone had any difficulty with the message board, write to and I'll keep you updated with developments via the Surrealist Worker mailing list.

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